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Nov 26, 2012 7:30pm PST
building. so i called up melzack in washington. i said, "i need $40,000. "do you really want that painting? i'll get it from max." melzack said, "well, milton, i don't know whether i can afford to buy a painting now." so i said, "okay," and i went to paint, and while i was painting, the telephone rang. and i said, "that's melzack, i know it is." so i got on the phone. he says, "i'll give you $30,000." so i says, "okay," and i bought that building. the whole thing opens up into a kind of growing field. now, feelings that are too strong are hopeless. you go mad. you say, "enough, goodbye!" ah! so there is a kind of artistic, maybe, feeling which is not too strong, not too weak, and it just seems as if you can put yourself up against it. you can almost push against that so that it's there for you. and if you sense that, then you don't have to see your painting anymore. if you put paint there, you're putting it into that feeling. ah! nobody i know has ever painted like that, but that's how i painted for the last 40, 50 years. ahhh! enough. [ sighs ] [ sighing ] ah! i'm tired. techniqu
Nov 27, 2012 11:30am PST
ship to her home in america. royo follows "femme" to washington, d.c., to supervise the installation on the south wall of the east building's central court. there are now many new problems to overcome. the tolerances are extremely close, demanding precise measurement, careful planning and a team effort. the huge roll barely fits into this confined space. the workers must unroll it evenly and accurately. bolts have been embedded deep into the structural wall, behind the marble facing, to support this massive piece when it slides into place. ( muffled comments ) carefully, royo grooms "femme," as the crew gradually hoistser upwd over the last few yards of a long journey. ( music ) this is the realization of many dreams, uly a work of collaboration; the fulfillment of a vision shared by the architect and the national gallery, supported by generous patrs, brought to fruition by joan miro and josep royo. on this day, those drms and efforts are reaching a successf conusion. "femme" is at home. brown: "it's everything we hoped." today, suspended 42 feet above the museum floor, "femme" is fulfi
Nov 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
, many foreigners ended up in shantytowns, like this one near abidjan, called washington. ( man speaking french ) translator: first of all, it was foreigners, the burkinabes and the malians who were even more numerous. then, in the '80s, with the crisis, e population of this area swelled with people om all over e ivory cot itself. at the moment, e are peopleoming om all over from all over the ivory coast. you can find baules, agnis, dyulas and maukas from the north. narrator: but the northern migrants bring more than just their ethnic diversity into this diminished economy. bassett: they've changed the religious composition of the country. eighty percent, it's estimated, of immigrants are... are muslim. so currently, the population of côte d'ivoire is about 37%, 38% muslim, and a good percentage of that is foreign-born. so we're at a conjuncture where tensions over land that are also becomiixed with politics over who's ivorian, who's not ivorian, are creating the conditions for further political instability. so the new leader, or leaders, of côte d'ivoire have a lot on their p
Nov 15, 2012 7:30pm PST
campus pastor at harold washington college in lute. >> have you ever had any difficulties in say as you are moving out for the ministry anythi that has ever happened that you could share with us? >> crossings is my third call. my first call was in ethnic congregation on the north side of chicago, a swedish congregation. they didn't quite know what do you with a associate pastor who was a black woman. and one of the men came to me at the begin on my ministry there and said; frankly i don't think you can be my pastor primarily because i've never had a pastor who wasn't white male and of a scandinavian descent. and at first, i was kind of surprised but my response to him became very positive and affirmed the fact that he could even say that. because that to me is something i can deal with. it's when people don't say things that you don't know really how to handle it. but anyway he was that honest and integrous about his approach. by the time i left there which was almost two years later he and i were the best of friends because i wasn't out to change him. i was there to be a pastor. an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4